Terms and Conditions

Pretty simple really... we want you to be happy.  And if you're not, we're not.

Unhappy Customers do not equal more sales.

If you get your product and find it in any way less than what you expected or what you paid for, just shoot us an email letting us know.  We'll make sure in one way or another that you get that frown turned upside down :)

We do ask that you make these requests within 60 days of your product arriving to you. That way we can be sure that your neighbor's cat didn't get a hold of it or anything.

We are just a couple of imperfect souls looking for way to bring a little joy to the world. And making things pretty or cool or colorful, well.... it's a start. It makes us feel good. And we hope it makes you feel good too.

The bonus for us is this - if you're happy, you just might tell people about us.  And well... that would be awesome.