OK, the bigger the product, the more patience you will need to allow yourself :)

1. First, clean your wall. It might look clean to you before, but dust isn't typically visible to the naked eye on a wall. You need to make sure the surface is smooth and dry before you begin. Note: products may not adhere to stucco or brick like surfaces, and some textured wallpapers. If you are unsure about your surface, contact us for a sample word.

2. Lay your scripture out on a table so it can unroll itself from shipping. Give it some time to relax.

3. The quotes have a transfer tape on one side and a glossy paper backing on the other. Rub the surface of transfer tape to insure the quote is adhered solidly to the transfer tape. It is not uncommon for letters to pull away from transfer tape during shipping.

4. Use a tape measure or ruler to determine exactly where you want your verse to be placed. Words can be cut apart and stacked in rows, put on an angle, or arranged around and on windows and doors. Taping them lightly in place first will help you plan your layout. After you’ve designed the layout, spot tape the sections up on the wall (still with both sides of the paper attached). Be sure to measure the letters and not the paper itself – the paper is not cut level.

5. Once you have meansured and have the scripture exactly where you want to adhere it to the wall, you need to secure it with more tape. Don't be stingy with the tape here. If you are working with a very long row, you may want to tape the top completely from one end to the other. This is especially true when you have more than one row on the same piece of paper. This will act as a 'hinge'. Again, if the scripture is especially long, take your scissors and cut between words (making a sort of fringe) so you can adhere one section at a time.

6. Working on one section at a time, raise the section up and starting at a corner, peel away the glossy paper backing while holding everything away from the wall/surface. You can either begin the peeling from the taped end first, or the outside edge. Do whatever feels more comfortable to the installer (You!!).

7. Once the glossy paper backing has been removed, you can now begin to 'stick' it to you wall/surface! To do this, carefully using your widget or burnishing tool begin to rub the scripture onto the wall to ensure a good stick. Rubbing from top (near the tape line) to bottom will help to ensure that wrinkles and air bubbles are removed as you go. When it is completely laid against the wall, go over it one more time with your widget to ensure that dude is stuck!

8. Now you get to reveal your masterpiece! Working from a corner, peel back the masking tape, holding it closely against itself to ensure it doesn't pull letters away with it. Watch carefully that all the letters are coming off the tape and staying attached to the wall. If the edge of a letter looks like it doesn’t want to let go of the paper, just lay it back down and rub it a bit more with your widget.

9. Then guess what??... you're done! Just sit back and enjoy the inspiration that has just been brought to your wall :)

REMOVAL: To remove, use a pair of tweezers to pick up the edge of each letter. It should simply peel off the wall. If it has been attached for some time, you may find it helpful to first warm it up with a blow dryer before attempting to peel it off. Vinyl that has been on for years and years may leave a slight residue.