Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Can anyone install vinyl lettering? Absolutely! Each order comes with step-by-step instructions and a ‘sample’ word to practice with before your application. We can provide video tutorial examples as well as assistance by phone/email. We are here to help! "No vinyl product gets left behind!"

2. What do you have to have to install a vinyl product? You’ll need a measuring tape or ruler, some masking tape, and a widget. It never hurts to have the help of your bestie there too, if your feeling a little intimidated by the whole thing. If you don't have a widget (we sell them on here for $1.00), great substitutes are Pampered Chef Nylon Pan Scrapers, laminated driver's license or cake frosting applicators. Basically anything you can leverage with your whole hand, instead of just your fingers.

3. What if I mess up a letter or a word? Mistakes happen! We know this because we have made many of them :) Just give us a call or shoot us an email. We will happily drop your replacement letter or word in the mail ASAP. And at no charge!

4. Will these products work in high moisture areas like a bathroom? Yes indeed! Our products withstand simple shower humidity with no problem.

5. Can I apply these products outside? All of our interior vinyl products are produced from ORACAL 631 (matte) Vinyl. This is specifically designed for interior applications. However, we're here to service your outdoor applications as well! For that we use ORACAL 651 (gloss) Vinyl. If you would like a product produced in an exterior vinyl, please contact us beforehand. We are happy to accommodate.

6. Do the really big (ginormous) decals come in one piece? No way! They will come in sections, which makes it a whole lot easier to install. They will also come with detailed instructions on how to install it., and if need be, which sections to apply first.

7. Can I reuse a product? Unfortunately, no. Our products are made from one-time useable vinyl. After you peel it off the wall, you need to find the nearest garbage can ...and then immediately order your replacement product from us!

8. Can I order my products a year ahead of time? Well, you really shouldn't. After a few months, they get a little too comfortable with their paper backing and just want to stay 'stuck' ...which is no good. We recommend that you install your products within 90 days of ordering them.

9. Can the stencils be reused? Just like the other vinyl products - no, they can't. They are for a one time use only.