Hey there :)

Well, if you've been into any crafting, Pinterest or any other DIY sorta thing as of late, you know about the increased popularity of vinyl lettering and decals! Seriously, there are soooo many ideas out there. It is a bit mind-blowing.

What I'm going to talk to you about today is how you can transform something ordinary... into something extraordinary! 

Here are just a few ideas of putting a unique twist on something with a little imagination:

  • Lettering an inexpensive picture frame and putting a photo in it from a special time that was shared.
  • Stenciling a newlywed couple's last name and wedding date to a cool old board.
  • Purchasing someone's name or a cute short phrase for their laptop, or over their computer monitor.
  • Putting the words Just because... on a pretty bottle/vase you got at Goodwill and fill it with flowers.
  • Personalizing baskets that each kid has for their stuff by the front/back door.

And the list goes on and on. Like really. It does.

So think outside of your creative box. There are a world of possibilities waiting for you!

Create a beautiful day!